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Marketing Technology is:

1. An independent full-service marketing research company.
2. Covering both quantitative surveys such as “on-line”, “mail”, “CLT”,
and qualitative surveys such as “focus group”, “in-depth”.
3. Proposing many of plans including advanced analysis. We are
constantly involved in as many as 150 conjoint projects in a year.


1. We have our own on-line panel.
2. We have skilled programmers and are proud of very flexible
programming. We will be ready for any programming requests in the
3. Covering all stage of research from “Planning”, “Fieldwork”,
“Analysis”, to “Reporting”.
4. Even in the field of qualitative survey, we will make full use of
advanced information technology to collect and process the data.
5. We have many projects from “Research experts” such as other marketing
research agencies or think-tanks companies. We proudly call ourselves
“Professional for professionals”.
6. We also have a lot of experience in the field of B2B.

Field of our past projects:

Insurance, Financial services / Automotive / Beverages, Food /
Confectionery / Cosmetics / Hygiene / Durables /
Electrical goods / Detergents / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical /Medicine /
Logistics / Mail / Transportation / Media / Entertainment / Advertising
/ Petrol, Oil, Gas / Public sector, government / Retail, Wholesale /
Telecommunications / Textile, Fashion, Clothing / Tobacco / Toys, Games
/ Travel, Tourism / Sports, Leisure / Catering / Hospitality / Employee


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TEL: 03-6433-7820


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